Kontor/Postadress: Industrigatan 1 SE-291 36 Kristianstad – Sweden

About us


A modern workshop company with extensive experience

Knislinge Mekaniska Verkstad AB was founded in 1966 and currently has approximately 40 employees. All owners are actively involved in the company, which is currently based in Kristianstad. Our products include pressure vessels, smoke gas heat exchangers, and various steel structures. We perform welding and assembly work for industry and renovation of heat exchangers. We also manufacture and install heavy and bulky steel structures, such as cranes and various types of bridge structures. One of our major projects was the production of box beam girders for the Øresund Bridge. Our workshop covers approximately 10,000 m² and our lifting capacity is 200 tons. Our extensive experience in the industry has given us a solid and broad knowledge base. Our narrow administrative organization means shorter decision-making and faster responses for you as a customer.

Knislinge Mekaniska Verkstad is a highly professional engineering company proud of its years of experience and expertise across various areas. Our areas of expertise include manufacturing pressure vessels, heavy steel structures, as well as renovation and production of heat exchangers. Our comprehensive offerings also extend to maintenance and support services across various industries. We design and produce products for both global corporations and local farmers to ensure the highest quality.

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